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Lead Auditors Training Right Now!

Lead auditors are responsible for assessing internal management systems, lead audit teams, and conduct supplier (2nd party) and external & certifications (3rd party) audits. AVN Quality Research and Training Center offers lead auditors training that is in-line with global standards. Our training is based on classes by our interactive and engaging instructors along with practical exercises.

Internal Auditors Training from World-Class Professionals!

The internal auditors training offered by AVN Quality Research and Training Center is highly recommended for those interested in joining an internal audit team as it provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools required to conduct internal audits efficiently. Not only does this course help attendees learn about how to plan their day, it further focuses on their interpersonal skills and most importantly, on the most effective means of gathering audit evidence that needs to be reported on the findings.

Take up American Petroleum Institute Training Today!

API offers a range of training programs for all those who hold an interest in building their careers within the oil and gas industry. These educational programs are focused on helping the attendees ensure sustainability, productivity and safety in industry operations. Sign up for the training program offered by AVN Quality!

Receive American Petroleum Institute Training from Experts

The training programs offered by AVN Professional Quality are highly acclaimed. Participants of our industry-focused training programs will be able to enhance their knowledge base with regards to the entire oil & gas value chain. Our instructors have 38 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise, and they pass on their know-how using a variety of teaching methods which enhances the learning process for each student.

Take Up API U Lead Auditors Training in UAE Today!

Explore career options within the oil & gas industry after completing our current training programs. Our company offers a diverse range of industry-focused programs under American Petroleum Institute Certification, including API U lead auditors training and preparatory courses for API. We provide our attendees with the guidance they require on how to work on practical assignments, projects or pre-assessments.